Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beaumont 1905

Beaumont, Kansas from the Kansas Atlas of 1905
The Standard Atlas of Butler County, Kansas, 1905, contains the plat map for Beaumont, Kansas as well as for all the townships and cities of Butler County.

John Finley Van Huss (born 1859, Elizabethton, Tennessee) is the great grandfather of Robert Van Huss. He settled in Butler County in 1885, purchasing a claim near his brothers in Glencoe Township for 160 acres from the Osage Trust. This deed is found in the Register of Deeds office in the county courthouse in El Dorado, Kansas.

On June 4th, 1903,  John Finley Van Huss purchased four lots in Beaumont by tax deed. The deeds are for lot 2, block 5 of Cooper's Addition; and for lots 6 and 7 of block 5 of Summit, and lot 10 of block 6 of Summit.

Beaumont 1905 Kansas Atlas

I have also included a portion of the map revealing the location of the old round house. Note the residence of Dr. William James Phillips, bob's maternal grandfather and the Beaumont town doc.

Latham Kansas 1905
I haven't yet found an image of Beaumont Kansas in 1905. Instead, I have one from Latham, a town where J. F. Van Huss bought lots in 1902.

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