Llabres family name

Llabres is the maiden name of Maria Llabres Miles, mother to Mary Miles Van Huss.

The family history is that Maria was French and this is certainly true. She spoke French and at the time she met her husband Frank Miles, she was living in French Algeria. Of her known relatives, they were French and lived in such diverse places as Marsailles and Toulouse.

Maria was born in Mallorca and the name there is not uncommon. The Hotel Fonda Llabrés exists in Mallorca, but the connection, if any, is unknown. The name is also well established along the southern coast of Spain in Catalonia.

Why, there is even a Catalonian folksong, Canco de Llabre, which one can listen to on Youtube. [Variations on a Catalan Folksong, by Duarte, Op. 25, "Canco de Llabre"] 

So far, I have found on Google search the place Veinat de Llabres, meaning the neighborhood of Llabres. The place is located in the Spanish province of Catalonia, near the city of Cassà de la Selva.

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